Brendan’s Death Song (Album : I’m with You) Director : Marc Klasfeld
The band began filming a video clip May 21, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The official presentation of the video was about a month later, on June 28, 2012. In this video clip the band pays tribute to longtime friend Brendan Mullen. Mullen was best known as the founder of Hollywood punk rock club The Masque, who founded and ran from 1977 until its closure in 1978 due to the refusal of the city to issue the necessary permits to operate legally as a nightclub. After finishing Mullen spent many years Reserve bands for Club Lingerie. During that time club visited Anthony Kiedis and Flea and after hearing their demo recordings, Mullen offered them an introductory section before Bad Brains concert. This performance became the Red Hot Chili Peppers one of their first major single, which help them in the beginning. Thanks to him and many other nightclubs, arrived on the scene and helped create not only the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as bands such as. The Go-Go’s, X, The Weirdos and The Germs.

Full length music video can be viewed at:

Look Around (Album : I’m with You) Director : Robert Hales

Look Around video clip was introduced January 25, 2012 at the official website. Director Robert Hales is a collaboration with the band expressed “I can say that the band are true gentlemen, it was a true collaboration. They were all creative involvement.” All four bedrooms are filmed with four cameras simultaneously. They had a very clear presdstavu about how they want to play and they did it. Overall it was a very great experience and I am very proud of what we created.” Red Hot Chili Peppers are planning to publish even a special version of the video Look Around, which allows you to switch between four different rooms.

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February 6 Red Hot Chili Peppers have published an interactive version of the video Look Around, in which it is possible to monitor all rooms in real time, link:

Monarchy Of Roses (Album : I’m with You) Director : Marc Klasfeld

Clip the Monarchy of Roses, as with its predecessor, The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie took the directorial Marc Klasfeld. Drawings and not a large part of suggestions were made by the brother of guitarist punk-rock Black Flag, artist Raymond Pettibon. For his creations won several prestigious awards in the US and Europe, and certainly right. The black and white clip is big parade.
The band started work on a video clip on October 4 Drummer Chad Smith published a photo of this filming, where he is in the background is green cloth. The clip was introduced on Nov. 14, 2011, it is the second single from the new album.

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The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie (Album : I’m with You) Director : Marc Klasfeld

August 17, 2011 Red Hot Chili Peppers have published a new video after 4 years. The director said that the idea for a new video comes from the very similar icons. Anthony Kiedis and I watched The Beatles Get Back – video on the roof and we decidedHey, it would be cool to do something like that? “So we in Southern California have made shots, warm sunshine made this clip cult and created something similar icons . Similar icons band. We had a little worried because, on the roof there is a safety net, “said Klasfeld. We found a place at the last minute because there was such an incredible view, but if you got to the edge and fell, so would essentially died. So we were a little worried but not much, they are professionals.

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Charlie (Album : Stadium Arcadium) Director : fanušikovsky videoklip – Omri Cohen

March 6, 2007 Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced a competition for fans to find recorded video clip to the song Charlie.
June 2 was the official website announced that the winner was chosen, and he was informed, but who won the official announcement was announced June 18. The winning video was issued for only webcast on YouTube
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Hump de Bump (Album : Stadium Arcadium) Director : Chris Rock

The video was filmed in late December 2006. The band plays in the video to some party in the style of hip hop. The video got on the Internet on March 9 and the first official premiere in Australia on March 13 on Channel Seven’s Sunrise station. Watch video

Desecration smile (Album : Stadium Arcadium) Director : Gus Van Sant

Video released in February 2007. Interest on the video, is that the movie was filmed in just one frame, and also shows the band members in a music video together. Watch video

Snow (Album : Stadium Arcadium) Director : Nick Wickham

The original movie was to be directed by Tony Kaye, but eventually his shots were not used. Finally, the video clip was directed by director Nick Wickham, who used new material and videos of the two concerts that were played on 17 and 18 October 2006. Video is caught fanúškov, also a professional material from the concert. Music video premiered in early November 2006. Watch video



Tell me baby (Album : Stadium Arcadium) Director : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

Video released 16.6.2006. Flea said: This is the best video we’ve ever made. In the video work by people who came to California and want to make visible in the music industry. It is set in a recording studio with various musicians and fans. Watch video

Dani California (Album : Stadium Arcadium) Director : Tony Kaye

The first video from the album Stadium Arcadium premiered on April 4, 2006 on MTV. The video clip has become very successful and achieved the highest placing in the world rankings. The video clip starts rock’n’roll peťdesiatych years, sixtieth roky- band in suit and glasses. The turn of the sixties and seventies, during the seventies style glitter rock, funk, then the goth and metal and then Red Hot Chili Peppers! The video clip shows many bands Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, David Bowie, The Misfits, Bootsy Collins, The Sex Pistols, Motley Crue, Prince and Nirvana. Watch video

Fortune faded (Album : Greatest hits) Director : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

The video clip was published in a collection of video clips and Videos Greatest Hits album in 2003.

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Universally speaking (Album : By the way) Director : Doug Wilson

The video clip is carrying a story fan who wants to get to the concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers. He does not have a ticket so he remains sneak to the concert. Hid in a container, which driven to the backstage of the podium. Finally he got a guy on the stage of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and take a picture of singer. Watch video

Can`t stop (Album : By the way) Director : Mark Romanek

Artistic director was caught director Mark Romanek. The inspiration for the video was the work of Erwin Wurm One minute sculptures. Romanek bet on aesthetics. John Frusciante did not agree with the use of atypical Prenat guitar at that time new products from Fender, Orange Jaguar and gray-black Stratocaster, but trusted romance. The result is one of najestetickejších video, and two-sided praise of cooperation.

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The Zephyr song (Album : By the way) Director : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

The video was released on December 3, 2002. It is generally a suggestive, reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, using circular and preplietajúce the effects in order to show the psychological feeling of the group. Watch video

By the way (Album : By the way) Director : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

By The Way video clip is the first video for the album of the same name. The clip begins as Anthony called a taxi. Deploy it to a taxi driver notices that this is Anthony. Taxi drivers CD releases from Red Hot Chili Peppers and begin a stormy ride in a taxi. Anthony is scared and so writes about help via pager John and Fleovi who just have lunch in the cafeteria. They think you can make fun and to respond to the second report and go to Anthony help. Anthony finally breaks the taxi window and jumps from it to John and Fleov jeeps. The taxi driver is lucky and starts Customers Chad Smith. Watch video

Road trippin (Album : Californication) Director : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

The video clip was issued but never aired in the United States until the official release video clips collection Greatest Hits and Videos, Album in 2003. Watch video

Californication (Album : Californication) Director : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

Video takes the form of video games, from the perspective of the player. Video bears similarity of games such as cairn. Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, Crazy Taxi, Panzer Dragoon, SSX, Resident Evil, Tony Hawk‘s Pro Skater, a railcar level of Donkey Kong 64. Guitarist John begins on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, drummer Chad Smith snowboards over Mount Tahoe, Anthony Kiedis begins swim in the sea passing sharks and swimmers, Flea passes through a forest of Muir Woods.. Watch video

Otherside (Album : Californication) Director : Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

The band members are dressed in black, the remarkable places. The story is singer Anthony Kiedis, nachádazúci is located in the tower. His personality is a different stage and quite dark when compared to his more energickickými performances in other videos. John Frusciante plays on a line in the long corridor as if played on a guitar. Flea is hanging on electric wires, if played bass guitar. Chad Smith is up on the tower with a rotating medieval clock that serves as his drum.

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Around the world (Album : Californication) Director : Stephane Sednaoui

Video is special and unique style of its chaotic visible and were used as a visible method of REMLotus. Video appeared on MTV’s Making the Video. Watch video

Scar tissue (Album : Californication) Director : Stephane Sednaoui

Video starts slide as John drives a rusty car wreck, which carries the whole group. Members are residuals bandaged. The video ends emotionally as John shows off his guitar solo at the time of sunset, and finally discarded guitar from the car.

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Coffee shop (Album : One hot minute) Director : Gavin Bowden

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Aeroplane (Album : One hot minute) Director : Gavin Bowden

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My friends (Album : One hot minute) Director : Anton Corbjin

The movie is shot in the studio, mostly in black and white format of alternating color, which has also resulted in a great video. This video came out well in the collection of video clips that can be viewed on their Greatest Hits and Videos. Watch video

Warped (Album : One hot minute) Director : Gavin Bowden

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Soul to squeeze (Album : Coneheads O.S.T.) Director : Kevin Kerslake

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Suck my kiss Album : Blood sugar sex magik Director : Gus Van Sant

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Breaking the girl (Album : Blood sugar sex magik) Director : Stepane Sednaoui

The video was released in 1992. The video shows the difficult experimental use of vibrant colors, where members are in interesting costumes. Video is one of only two videii in which he performed well Arik Marshall (who briefly served as a substitute guitarist John Frusciante). The woman in the video is actress Patricia Velasquez.

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Under the bridge 2nd version (Album : Blood sugar sex magik) Director : Gus Van Sant

Video clip Under the Bridge again appeared, this time in the second version. In the video effects that were also used in the previous video clip, and some images.

Under the bridge (Album : Blood sugar sex magik) Director : Gus Van Sant

Video clip Under the Bridge is the memory of former guitarist Hillel Slovak who died of a heroin overdose. In the clip are used, such as effects. videii overlap, clip in cool alternative to get the highest rungs of many charts and so Red Hot Chili Peppers became a star. Watch video

Give it away (Album : Blood sugar sex magik) Director : Stepane Sednaoui

In the video, the director experimented with numerous effects vertical section of the screen, overlapping videii, videii viewing at different angles, different light effects. Black and white video is very interesting, and with effects creates a unique image. Watch video

Show me your soul (Album : Pretty woman O.S.T) Director : Bill Stobaugh

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Knock me down (Album : Mother`s milk) Director : Drew Carolan

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Taste the Pain (Album : Mother`s milk) Director : Alex Winter/Tom Stern

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Higher Ground (Album : Mother`s milk) Director : Drew Carolan/Bill Stobaugh

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Fight like a brave (Album : The uplft mofo party plan) Director : Rick Dude

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Behind the sun (Album : The uplift mofo party plan) Director : Charlie Paul

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Jungle man (Album : Freaky styley) Director : Lindy Goetz/Ron Sedewick/Jim Hancock

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Catholic school girls rule (Album : Freaky styley) Director : Rick Dude

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True men don`t kill coyotes (Album : The Red Hot Chili Peppers) Director : Graeme Whistler

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